MK 2013

Tetchie Aguino is elected as MK President

Don Eishied Crasco Casiano wins the Emerald Championship and becomes the 13th MK Emerald Champion

Welcome to 32nd Batch – Kassanga
135. Jessica Angela Segura
136. Eva Mämecke
137. Charles Lumakin


Welcome to MK Bahrain
Batch 1: Ilustrado044-1. Roberto Carillo-level 2


Welcome MK-YMCA 1st Batch:

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (FHOTA) (10/25/13)

38-1 Herbert Rosalem

38-2 Ardin Magante

38-3 Hansel Albores Jr.

38-4 Armilo Alfarero

November 2, 2013 – The 13th Emerald Championship and the 1st Battle of Champions

  • Don Casiano becomes the new Emerald Champion
  • Michael Angelo Ariz becomes the 1st Champion of Champions

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