MK 2015

January 17 – Omarjan Jahuran was elected President

February 7 – The 2nd MK YMCA Anniversary and the 2nd Sayaw ng Mandirigma Competition

April 2, 3, 4 – Annual Summer / Instructor’s Training at Emcor Gym


April 9, 10, 11 – Tae Kwon Do Defense Seminar and Official Launching with Master Kim Eun Seob

July 4 – Welcome to MK

MK-YMCA Batch 3: ArchiMadors
38-6. Angelo Magbanua
38-7. Kristine Joy Mole

MK-Boulevard Batch 1:
45-1. Roeland Briones

November 7 – the 15th Emerald Championship
Justin Ching becomes the 15th Emerald Champion


November 21 – the 1st Banakun Lanseta Knife Seminar


December 17 – Welcome to MK:

35th Batch – HAPDOS
142. Gilbert Narajos
143. Nestor Martinez



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