MK 2017

January 14 – Justin Ching was elected President

March 17 – The 1st La Liga Sicario Gathering

April 1 – Welcome to MK!

Batch 2: Sansribal

130 – 4. Queen Daguman  – Level 2
130 – 5. Errol Sim – Level 2
130 – 6. Myles Francis Trabado – Level 2
130 – 7. Vip Jacob – Level 2
130 – 8. Altaire Felix – Level 2
130 – 9. Margyle Denis Leparto – Level 2

April 26 – Welcome to MK!

Batch 1: MANDARAGIT (MANdirigmang may DAngal ,Reserba at AGapay sa Isang Tungkulin)

036 – 4. Hannah Deslate
036 – 5. Jessie ‘Poy’ Piansay
036 – 6. Scottcarrey Latasa


MK 2016

January ’16 – Ryan Cordero was elected President

March ’16 – The 1st MK Binigyan (No armor – choose your weapons sparring event)

August 19, 21 – The 1st Martial Arts Expo (in cooperation with Reg. XI – Department of Tourism)

– Binigyanay Dos (Day 2 of the Martial Arts Expo)


October 8Welcome to MK!

MK Bagani

Batch 1: Silangan

130-1. Popong Sapar – Level 2
130-2. Junno Hiramis – Level 2
130-3. Eugene Taming – Level 2

November 5 – the 16th Emerald Chamionship

Park SeuChol becomes the 16th Emerald Champion


MK 2015

January 17 – Omarjan Jahuran was elected President

February 7 – The 2nd MK YMCA Anniversary and the 2nd Sayaw ng Mandirigma Competition

April 2, 3, 4 – Annual Summer / Instructor’s Training at Emcor Gym


April 9, 10, 11 – Tae Kwon Do Defense Seminar and Official Launching with Master Kim Eun Seob

July 4 – Welcome to MK

MK-YMCA Batch 3: ArchiMadors
38-6. Angelo Magbanua
38-7. Kristine Joy Mole

MK-Boulevard Batch 1:
45-1. Roeland Briones

November 7 – the 15th Emerald Championship
Justin Ching becomes the 15th Emerald Champion


November 21 – the 1st Banakun Lanseta Knife Seminar


December 17 – Welcome to MK:

35th Batch – HAPDOS
142. Gilbert Narajos
143. Nestor Martinez


MK 2014

December 28, 2013 – Rochelle Angela Baylon-Yu is elected as MK President

February 8, 2014 – 1st MK YMCA Anniversary and the 1st Sayaw ng Mandirigma Competition (please click on picture to go to the facebook album) _DSC0058

April 16, 2014 – Welcome to MK-YMCA

Batch 2 – Linte

38-5. Jay Jatico

April 17-19, 2014 – Annual Summer Training at EMCOR gym on (please click on picture to go to the facebook album) 971271_10152313695600768_2679725418695485609_n - Copy

May 10, 2014 – Welcome to MK HQ

34th Batch – Buco

140. Marylene Y. Uyboco

141. Andrew S. Uyboco

June 6 – A music video was released that featured Mandirigmang Kaliradman

Here are stills or BTS pictures during the music video shoot session: (please click on picture to go to the facebook album)

10599418_10152632929718851_5181204153277515827_n June 18-20 ,2014 – MK along with Korean film-makers started shooting for a documentary about FMA. (please click on picture to go to the facebook album) 10257405_807785429253963_6119199716397322236_n The video was released a month later:

August 10 – Mandirigmang Kaliradman participated in the Martial Arts Expo organized by Smoker’s Fight held at Garden Oasis, Davao City This is the full demo, credits to John August Flores and Jessica Angela Segura for the video:

Here are pictures from that demo, credits to Herbert Rosalem and GanGan Montillo (please click on picture to go to the facebook album) _DSC0783 October 31 – November 2 – Pencak Silat Seminar in cooperation with PhilSilat Sports Association, Inc. (click on the image to see the gallery)


November 8 – The 14th Emerald Championship (please click on picture to go to the facebook album) mk_14_ec_poster_final_edited_png

You can watch the videos of the fights on this YouTube Playlist:

November 8, 2014 – Ryan Cordero becomes the 14th Emerald Champion

MK 2013

Tetchie Aguino is elected as MK President

Don Eishied Crasco Casiano wins the Emerald Championship and becomes the 13th MK Emerald Champion

Welcome to 32nd Batch – Kassanga
135. Jessica Angela Segura
136. Eva Mämecke
137. Charles Lumakin


Welcome to MK Bahrain
Batch 1: Ilustrado044-1. Roberto Carillo-level 2


Welcome MK-YMCA 1st Batch:

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (FHOTA) (10/25/13)

38-1 Herbert Rosalem

38-2 Ardin Magante

38-3 Hansel Albores Jr.

38-4 Armilo Alfarero

MK 2012

Eun Seob Kim is promoted as Assistant Instructor or Katuwang Guro

Steve Huang is elected as MK President

Aris Enojo wins the Emerald Championship and becomes the 12th MK Emerald Champion

Welcome to:
30th Batch – AANMAM (Ang Alamat ni Maganda at Malakas) – 01/31/2012
130. Cris
131. Irish Jabonero

31st Batch – Aliwas (Monsters)- 07/21/2012
132. Jeffrey ‘Sio’ S. Jumarito
133. Jeffrey ‘J’ T. Yap
134. Dewey Q, Jukalit

MK 2010

Engr. Louie Agoilo is promoted as Instructor or Guro

Dave Beltran, Ronald Villar, Omar Jan Jahuran, Niro James Tibug and Jopper Divinagracia are promoted as Assistant Instructor or Katuwang Guro 2010

Gene Sombito is elected as MK President

Michael Hanz Esquivel wins the Emerald Championship and becomes the 10th MK Emerald Champion


MK 2008

Michael Ariz is promoted as Instructor or Guro

Don Eishied Crasco Casiano is elected as MK President

Niro James Tibug wins the Emerald Championships and becomes the 8th MK Emerald

MK Celebrates its 10th year Anniversary


MK is invited by Kilat Senjata, to play at the Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup 2008
21 June 2008, Saturday, 18:00-21:00 at Informatics Singapore Campus, 10-12 Science Centre Road, S-609079
David Beltran, Eugene Agoilo and Paulo Solana represents MK.
David Beltran wins Both Armored and No-Armor divisions and becomes the Lightning Arnis Singapore 2008 Champion