Name : Mandirigmang Kaliradman (MKI), Inc.
Date Established : 04 November 1998
Founder : Master Instructor Manolo Luis C. del Rosario
Affiliations : LSAI & LESKAS
SEC Registration Number : CN200426443

Vision (as stated in the Articles of Incorporation):

The preservation and propagation of the Filipino Martial Arts as a means of reviving true national pride and cultural identity among our people

To help the Filipino master the necessary skills needed in nation-building and guide their journey towards excellence

To build-up the inherent physical, mental and spiritual characteristics of the Filipino

To sustain the Filipino’s quest for excellence and instill patriotism and the willingness to sacrifice oneself to defend the dignity and honor of the motherland.

Council of Instructors:

  • Manolo Luis C. del Rosario – Master Instructor
  • Bayani Jose Maria Solana – Instructor
  • Eugene Agoilo – Instructor
  • Paulo Jose Solana – Instructor
  • Rogelio Patriarca – Instructor
  • Joel Campoamor – Instructor
  • Michael Angelo Ariz – Instructor
  • Louie Agoilo – Instructor
  • Nicolas Amando Solana – Assistant Instructor
  • Gerry Estella Yap – Assistant Instructor
  • Noel Arquiza – Assistant Instructor
  • Nicofloro Palma – Assistant Instructor
  • Aleli Pamela Paclarin – Assistant Instructor
  • Gerard Macavinta – Assistant Instructor
  • Dave Beltran – Assistant Instructor
  • Jopper Divinagracia – Assistant Instructor
  • Omar Jahuran – Assistant Instructor
  • Niro James Tibug – Assistant Instructor
  • Ronald Villar- Assistant Instructor
  • Eun Seob Kim – Master Instructor for Korea
  • Dennis Guitterez – Assistant Instructor
  • Justin Ching – Assistant Instructor
  • Don Casiano – Assistant Instructor
  • Ryan Cordero – Assistant Instructor

Council of Elders:

  • 1999 – Rogelio “Jay-jay” A. Patriarca
  • 2000 – Gerry “Gerry” E. Yap
  • 2001 – John Cloyd “John” L. Ferolin
  • 2002 – Michael Angelo “Mike” S. Ariz
  • 2003 – Nicolas Amando “Nick” A. Solana III
  • 2004 – Strauss “Tatay” M. Fernandez
  • 2005 – Louie Nilo “Louie” T. Agoilo
  • 2006 – Gerard “Macky” E. Macavinta
  • 2007 – Jopper “Jap” Z. Divinagracia
  • 2008 – Don Eischied “Don” C. Casiano
  • 2009 – Dennis Jose “Dencio” V. Guttierez
  • 2010 – Eredgene “Gene” Y. Sombito
  • 2011 – Jerome “Jerry” J. Leonor
  • 2012 – Steve Allan “Steve” L. Huang
  • 2013 – Tetchie “Tetchie” D. Aquino
  • 2014 – Rochelle Angela “Chelle” B. Yu
  • 2015 – Omarjan Ibrahim “Omar” Jahuran
  • 2016 – Reynaldo “Ryan” B. Cordero Jr.
  • 2017 – Justin Vernon “Sifud” H. Ching
  • 2018 – Herbert Paul “Herbert” E. Rosalem

Council of Champions:

  • 2001 – Michael Angelo “Mike” S. Ariz
  • 2002 – Louie Nilo “Louie” T. Agoilo
  • 2003 – Rogelio “Jay-jay” A. Patriarca
  • 2004 – Ronald “Nald” T. Villar
  • 2005 – Dave “Dave” S. Beltran
  • 2006 – Gerard “Macky” E. Macavinta
  • 2007 – Omarjan Ibrahim “Omar” Jahuran
  • 2008 – Niro James “Patchek” G. Tibug
  • 2009 – Dennis Jose “Dencio” V. Guttierez
  • 2010 – Michael Hanz “Angki” F. Esquivel
  • 2011 – Steve Allan “Steve” L. Huang
  • 2012 – Aris Vincent “Aris” R. Enojo
  • 2013 – Don Eischeid “Don” C. Casiano
  • 2014 – Reynaldo “Ryan” B. Cordero Jr.
  • 2015 – Justin Vernon “Sifud” H. Ching
  • 2016 – Su Cheol “Park” S. Park
  • 2017 – Seymoure “Mongos Khan” Gerbolingo
  • 2018 – Roeland “Roy” Briones

Recognized MK Chapters :

  • MK General Headquarters – Manolo del Rosario
  • MK Ateneo de Davao Chapter – Nicolas Solana
  • MK UM Chapter / Langga Chapter – Mike Ariz
  • MK Cebu City Chapter – Paulo Solana
  • MK NCR Chapter – Nicolas Solana
  • MK Kids Chapter – Joel Campoamor
  • MK Samal – Rogelio Patriarca
  • MK Korea – Eun Seob Kim
  • MK Canada – Mafel Dasilao
  • MK YMCA – Strauss Fernandez
  • MK Qatar – Jopper Divinagracia
  • MK Bahrain – Omar Jahuran
  • MK Bagani – Ryan Cordero
  • MK Boulevard – Ronald Villar
  • MK Davao – Joepot Solana
  • MK Silangan / Siargao – Dennis Gutierrez
  • MK Basilan – Omar Jahuran
  • MK USA – Ryan Cordero
  • MK Kali Kilat Kombatives (K3) – Leo Quilaton



The MK logo symbolized the aspects of the art and the ideals of its members. All elements of the logo, as well as its placement holds specific meanings. Here’s a primer to the MK Logo:

The Red Triangle: The triangle represents several things.

  • It symbolizes man as his three aspects – Spirit, Soul (intellect) and Physical Body.
  • It symbolizes the three aspects of time – Past, Present and Future.
  • It symbolizes the three island groups of the Philippines – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
  • It symbolizes the three aspects of wholistic development – Spiritual, Intellectual and Physical.
  • It symbolizes the three combat ranges – Largo (long), Media (medium) and Corto (short).
  • It symbolizes the three weapon formats – Bladed, Blunt and Empty hands.
  • It symbolizes the three councils of MK – The Council of Instructors, Elders (past presidents) and Champions (of the MK Annual Internal Tournament called “The Emerald Championship”).
  • It symbolizes the footwork integral and essential in the style.

The Yellow/Gold Lightning: Lightning encompasses and encircles the three. This represents power, dynamism, fluidity and flow. This encircles the three points of the triangle to emphasize the inter-relatedness of each point to the others as well as the dynamism of the holistic approach.

The Blue/White Inner Circle: The inner circle represents integrity, wholeness, insight and focus. It is colored blue on the edges (representing peace) which slowly fades into a white center (representing purity). This emphasizes the need for purity in one’s core and the peace that stems out of this purity.

The Yellow/Gold Weapons: The Kris is crossed with the Stick, representing both Bladed and Blunt weaponry. The Bladed weapon however takes precedence over the Blunt, representing the Bladed origins of the art and its ultimate goal in training.
The Fist underneath represents the empty hand aspect of the art. It is placed below the weapons to emphasize that empty hands are merely incidental as the art is primarily weapons based.

The Baybayin (Visayan) Script: The Baybayin Script represents the name of the systems.

  • The Left Side Alibata says LSAI (Lightning Scientific Arnis International)
  • The Right Side Alibata says LESKAS (Lema Scientific Kali Arnis System)

The Colors: The colors used come from the colors of the Philippine flag – Red, Blue, Yellow (or Gold) and White.

  • Red symbolizes Struggle, Blood and Warfare.
  • Blue symbolizes Peace and Freedom.
  • Yellow/Gold symbolizes Nobility and Power.
  • White symbolizes Purity.

The Red Triangle encompasses the Blue-White circle. This is to emphasize that peace and freedom is not without cost and that we must be prepared to struggle for that which we aim to achieve and that which we value. Peace is not without sacrifice. Philippine freedom was gained at the cost of the blood of our forefathers. As the old latin saying goes “Si vis pacem, para bellum.” If you want peace, prepare for war. Again, the center which is white represents the pure intentions of the person should the necessity to use the art (red) arise.



Name : Lema Scientific Kali-Arnis System (LESKAS)

Founder : Maestro Elmer Ybanez

Established : 1996, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Affiliations : LSAI

Instructor Roster:

  • Elmer Ybanez – Master Instructor
  • Filomeno Buena – Instructor
  • Felipe Bot Jocano – Instructor
  • Nathan Dominguez – Instructor
  • Manolo Luis C. del Rosario – Instructor
  • Joshua Medroso – Instructor

As of the moment, LESKAS is managed by the Ybanez Family, particularly under the leadership of Master Elmer’s widow, Maribel Padua-Ybanez. No Master’s Rank was given, neither was an Heir to the System named.

At present, the LESKAS Seattle USA Chapter is led by Senior Student, Chris Turla.

Recognized Chapters:



LSAI Facts
Name : Lightning Scientific Arnis International (LSAI)
Established : 1937, Mambusao, Capiz, Panay Island
Founder : Grandmaster Benjamin Luna-Lema
Style : Combination of Tercia, Cadenilya, Serrada & Espada y Daga
SEC Registration no : 154767, 29 August 1988
Known LSAI Master Instructor’s Roster (and affiliations):

  • Agripino Mayuga (deceased)
  • Herman Licanto
  • Vicente Sanchez
  • Roland Dantes
  • Romeo Valenzuela
  • Elmer Ybanez (deceased) – Lema Scientific Kali Arnis System (LESKAS)
  • Bert Labaniego
  • Boy Villeno
  • Jesus Royo (deceased)
  • Carlito Ondillo
  • Romy Santos – Warriors International Corporation
  • Lito Torrefranca – Torrefranca Arnis Club
  • Lino Estacio
  • Ronald Ramirez
  • Nathan Dominguez – Sangkil Karasak (SK)
  • Manolo Luis C. del Rosario- Mandirigmang Kaliradman, Inc. (MK)
  • Felipe Bot Jocano – Sangkil Karasak (SK)
  • Jon Escudero – Academia Tercia Cerrada Cadenilya y Espada y Daga
  • Joey Quiriones – Sangkil Karasak (SK)
  • Erickson Sonny Mejia – Angkan ng Mandirigma (UP Los Banos)
  • Alex Ortinero – Sangkil Karasak (SK)
  • Lino Estacio (deceased)
  • Boy Villeno (deceased)
  • Shaun Porter

The current Grandmaster of LSAI is Benjamin, Jr., eldest son of the late GM Lema. He is represented in the Philippines by his sister, Patty Jean Caballero.


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